Working toward sustainable transportation



Our world is changing in dramatic ways. Elanus Aerospace is working to improve the sustainability of transportation. Minimizing energy requirements, both during operation and at time of manufacture, is what we are striving for. The alternative is too costly to not pursue this. 

Design Philosophy

Our philosophy and goals for designs are that they be synergistic if possible, manufacturable, maintainable, and light. These principles together improve the overall efficiency and utility of a design from multiple angles.

Seek Synergies

Seek beneficial interactions between components and multiple functions per component


Thinking through and planning for maintenance can be the difference between a design’s acceptance or its demise


Amazing designs don’t matter if they can’t be fabricated affordably


Designing for minimum weight allows better performance, less cost, and lower energy



[Preliminary] Design

Conceptual design and preliminary sizing

Propeller design

OpenVSP, Rhino surfacing, CAD


Airfoil Design, analysis

Aircraft performance, Stability & Control

Propeller performance and analysis

Aircraft Loads generation

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printer:

Volume – 310mm x 210mm x 250mm

Materials – PETG

3-Axis CNC:

Volume – 510mm x 355mm x 140mm

Materials – Wood, soft metals (eg: Aluminum)